Restaurant La Fontana


Starters & cold dishes

Appetizer / Entree
Gruner Salad / Salade Verte
CHF 8.90
Mixed salad / Salade Mêlee
CHF 11.90
Oriental Salad / Salade Orientale
CHF 17.90

Tomates, Oignons, Salade Verte, Olives, Fromage Feta, Concombres, Poivrons, Persils, Huile D'Olive, Jus de Citron

Caprese Di Bufala
CHF 15.50

Roquette, mozzarella di bufala, tomatoes

CHF 13.80

Pain Grillé a l'ail, Tomates Cherry, Grana Padano, Roquette, Basilic, Huile D'olive

Bruschetta All'italiana
CHF 15.90

1 slice with homemade pesto, 1 slice with buffalo mozzarella, 1 slice with cherry tomatoes
1 tranche avec Pesto Maison, 1 tranche avec Mozzarella di Bufala, 1 tranche avec Tomates Cherry

Carpaccio Di Manzo
CHF 22.90

( Fillet of Beef / Filet de Bœuf )

Buratta Di Parma
CHF 22.90
Tomato and onion salad / Salade Tomates Aux Oignons
CHF 9.90
Cold dish / Plat Froid
Roast beef (Entrecôte De Boeuf)
CHF 33.90

French fries, tartar sauce
French fries, tartar sauce

Tartara Di Manzo (Filet de Bœuf Coupé a la Main)
CHF 39.80

Pain Grillé, French fries, Beurre

Fitness plate / Assiette Fitness
Perch fillets deep-fried
CHF 31.80

Fried perch fillets, mixed salad, tartare sauce, French fries
Filets de perche, salade mêlée, tartar sauce, French fries

Paillard Di Vitello Alla Griglia
CHF 33.80

Grilled veal paillard, mixed salad, French fries
Paillard e Veau au Grill, Salade Mêlée, French fries

Petto Di Pollo
CHF 27.80

Chicken breast, mixed salad, French fries
Poitrine de Poulet, Salade Mêlée, French fries

Gamberetto (8-12)
CHF 32.80

Prawns, mixed salad, French fries
Crevettes, Salade Mêlée, French fries

Entrecôte Di Manzo
CHF 36.80

Entrecote, mixed salad, French fries, homemade Café de Paris
Entrecôte de Bœuf, Salade Mêlée, French fries, Café de Paris maison

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